Contributing to sustainable development is essential way we do business. It means and includes 'economic-development' in accordance with environmental imperatives. Sustainable development is associated with the aim of protecting benefits for future generation; the present generation must utilize the natural resources economically. As we work to help meet the growing demand of Oil and Gas field Services, we aim to bring benefits to local communities and reduce impacts of our operations, including reducing CO2 gas emissions. We do look after our people and ensure that they work in safe environment.

Aakash and Sustainability :
Aakash's Sustainability covers all aspect of our operations - health and safety, environment, people and human rights.

At Aakash, we undergo as a group by :

  • Renovating assets
  • Catching the successive age groups of employees
  • Delivering superior services to customers which fulfils their need
  • Contributing to a sustainable growth
  • Retaining the trust and support of our customers and employees in which we operate

Environment :

Technological Advancement & new ways of operation are helping to manage our environmental impact. We continuously put efforts to reduce CO2 from our operations by properly servicing our equipments and machinery at regular intervals, by giving training to our people for efficient use of vehicles to reduce consumption of fuels and gas emissions. By efficiently managing water, we have successfully reduced our water use.

Working Safely and Securely :

Safety is our first priority. We aim to have zero fatalities, to prevent accident where we work and to keep our people healthy and safe. We work as per the Rules and Regulations of O.N.G.C. and Oil mines Regulations. Moreover, Aakash's QHSE Policy ensures that safety is being manage systematically and have the right resources, tools, skills, standards and procedures in place. For example, we ensure that our workers are fully equipped with safety kits like helmet, coverall, ear plugs, and safety shoes. We also provide fire extinguishers, first aid-box and emergency ambulance at sites to prevent accident. At Aakash, our facilities are well designed , safely operated and properly maintained.

Our People :

Our aim is to have right people in the right roles. We do hire people from outside but on the other hand we put efforts to strengthen internal development and capabilities. At Aakash, we use variety of methods to help employees to develop their capabilities by initiating like knowledge-sharing, giving challenging tasks and many more.

Development and Community :

We provide technical expertise to local companies in developing their skills. Aakash is been giving volunteering charities for the development of local cultures and for the upbringing of community.