Acid Pumping Unit

The mobile acid pumping Unit has mainly two pumping solutions, high pressure and low pressure.

Low pressure pumping is mainly for acid transfer or pumping acid into the well tubing or to the well annulus for the purpose of acid spotting /acid pickling. This pumping is carried out with the help of acid resistant Pneumatic Operated Weldon pump fitted on the Truck.

High pressure acid pumping is being carried out with the help of High pressure pump installed on the unit. This pump is mainly used for bulldozing acid mixture onto the formation for the purpose of increasing formation permeability, well bore clearance, reducing skin effect etc.

Further use of this pumping unit is to take out all the spent acid from the well to the surface to reduce the corrosion effect at the well bottom and all the tubular in well.

This unit can be utilized further for de scaling and choke removal in the oil and gas flow lines to avoid pack pressure and production loss. 

Technical Specification of Weldon Pump


1. Operating: Pneumatic

2. Flow: 20 m3 per hour (125 BBL/ Hr)

3. Flow Pressure: Max. 7 Kg/ cm2


Technical Specification of Acid Pump

-Working Pressure                           :           200 kg/cm² /3000 PSI-

            - Discharge Rate per hr                     :           1m3 @ 200kg/cm2 - 6bbl @ 3000 PSI

                                                                              5m3 @ 50 kg/cm2 - 30bbl @ 700 PSI

                                                                              8m3 @ 10 kg/cm2 - 50bbl @ 142 PSI

             -Water Tank+ Acid Capacity               :           6 m3 mounted on truck.(38 BBL)

             - Pump Working                                :           Double piston double Acting